Monday, May 9, 2016

The Immigration Numbers

State-run ARD (Channel One) did a update today on refugee, immigrants and asylum seekers coming into Germany.

April ends nine days ago with a total of 16,000 people getting entry.  The numbers for March was around 15,900.  This compared against November (200,000) looks pretty good.

If you did the math and stayed with 16,000 a month for the rest of 2017, you come to around 192,000.....which would be less than normal (250,000 was the accepted norm for non-war years over the past decade).

Looking at'd be a marvelous change and ought to thrill most people.

According to the German gov't, the number of asylum approvals for April....was around 44,000.  This takes into consideration from the 1.1 million that came through in 2015, and were still in the funnel for approval action....which the German agency is still far behind.

The threat that Erdogan may drop his EU deal and let the refugees cross?  It's up to him and he could pick any time between now and December to terminate the Turk program.

The thrills lessening for the anti-immigration party (AfD)?  They simply supplement the Islamic threat and continue on with speeches that agree with roughly thirty percent of German society.

The one positive of the less numbers if that villages and cities don't have enormous compounds set up and providing shelter for immigrants.....course, Germany and the EU are paying out three billion Euro to no one is really saving money presently.

It's good numbers and ought to make some people happy.  The slant to this is that some state-run TV journalist is probably writing up a weepy-eyed summary where immigrants are being held back and sleeping out in the open or suffering from hunger.  You ought to be doing attract those refugees and immigrants back to Germany.  If it sounds like some WWE-wrestling script.....well....yeah, it sure does.

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