Monday, April 11, 2016

A Day in Speyer

 I spent the day in Speyer (an hour's train-ride from Mainz) at the Technology Museum.  Note, you can walk from the Speyer train station to the middle of town in twelve minutes, and another ten minutes to the museum.  Rough cost for railway tickets from Mainz is around 20 Euro one-way (second-class).

Ten observations.

1.  If you were looking for an interesting park to spend four hours, this is one of the better ones in Germany.  Most kids enjoy the place, and geeks will get some fascination out of the displays.

2.  They feature a number of aircraft (US, German, French, Soviet, English, etc).  They have an AN-22/COCK on display, along with a F-4.  

3.  They offer a chance for you climb upon a German submarine, and go through the entire boat.  If you've never been on a sub, it's worth 15 minutes to walk through it.

4.  The operation also offers a couple of IMAX movies.  Check on the internet for the times and if of the titles might interest you.

5.  Parking used to be free.  That apparently has stopped.  Here's the thing though....there's the Dom about five minutes walking from the display you might as well leave your car in the parking lot and tour the city during the period that you are there.  I'd budget six hours for the park, the Dom, and the city itself.

6.  Most of the displays are indoors except for the larger aircraft.  I would consider going there in the winter least if the temperature is above freezing.  In the heat of the summer, you'd best put a pause in the middle of the walk because of possible heat.

7.  There is a cafe connected to the operation, that offers coffee, ice cream, and snacks.  For lunch or dinner, I'd suggest recommend the Speyer walk-platz area where there are a dozen great places to eat.  There's also a dozen-odd places in town for coffee or ice cream.

 8.  Map-wise, the museum is off B-39....easy to find.  Hotel Domhof is in the local area, which is a combination brewery, hotel and restaurant.  I know, it's an odd combination.....but this is Germany.

9.  Trains are on display (interior and exterior).

10.  For trains, cars, and aircraft, this is one of the finer places in Germany to see such items.  The new museum in the back features a number of motorcycles.  I will's an older display building and it's kinda bandaged together as a display unit, but they run this off donations and fees-to-enter, without any state funding.

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