Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Case of Missing Wife Solved

I blogged the episode on Britta B, the missing housewife, from Wiesbaden region around two years ago.  Cops spent a lot of time looking for her, and eventually came to a conclusion that the husband had to be involved in some type of murder plot.  A case was built up.....the problem body.

If you want a five-star written piece, there's some fine journalism over at the regional Frankfurt paper.

Yesterday, the Wiesbaden court system did something highly unusual....they convicted the husband of the murder because of circumstantial evidence.

On the flip side of this...they issued a judgement for eleven years in prison.  I suspect it's mostly because you can't be a one-hundred percent sure about the crime.  The prosecutor had desired a life sentence.

What can be said about the circumstances is that this couple was married for six years,  For the husband, this had all become a "hopeless" marriage.  Added to the mess was a continual worry about money and the ability to pay off the house.  The husband began doing research over the internet (one of his big mistakes) and this trail was easily recovered by the cops.

The husband had gone out and bought a specialized Multi-tool knife that had a diamond saw blade (don't ask me because I've never seen such knife).  With the tool.....he simply cut up the body and disposed of it in the Rhine River (so the cops think).  For some reason, he kept the tool, which had blade traces on it.

A conviction without a body?  In Germany, it just never happens, and this case is very unique.  Cops did a lot of research, and based on the comments within the Frankfurt was almost like a CSI episode with bits and pieces added to the case.

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