Monday, April 25, 2016

Ikea Selling Bikes?

In a few weeks, Ikea (the Swede furniture-maker) will start selling a bicycle.

I does sound pretty bogus.'s called the Sladda.

It's a rather plain bike.

It'll be somewhere in the 600-Euro range and be mostly a utility bike.  An aluminum frame with a 25-year guarantee.  It'll apparently have a front disc brake and offer your choice of 26 or 28 inch wheels (yeah, 28 inch would be a bit different).

It's a two speed bike.....which makes it zero-percent chance you'd go for it in a hilly region.

The odd selling point, from my the maintenance-free drive belt.  NO CHAIN.  The claims are a minimum of 10,000 kilometers on this belt....I have my doubts....but there is a warranty for the first belt to last that long.

The picture?  From even they admit.....they've yet to test drive the bike.

The thing I'm wondering about.....with the tradition of Ikea....just how many parts does the bike come with in the box, and how much motivation do I need to assemble it?

I have a bike in the basement, which quietly sits there....rusting away.  It's been ridden three times in my life and was some BX-special that I bought around sixteen years ago.  The ten-speed chain kept slipping off (a bad sign for a brand new bike), and the brakes were lousy.  For roughly $200, it was a purchase I wish I had simply walked away from.

My attraction to this bike?  I'd be curious to try the 28-inch wheel situation, and maybe Ikea put some heart and soul into the quantity of the bike.  Well.....maybe.

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