Saturday, April 2, 2016

An Architecture Tour Around Wiesbaden/Mainz

People go on trips and vacations for a variety of reasons.  I'm mostly a history, geography and architecture person.  So this is my list of twenty-one things in the local Wiesbaden and Mainz area that are worth seeing strictly from a architecture or landscape prospective.  And no, they aren't ranked:

- The Wiesbaden Casino

- The Mainz Zitadelle (the fortress)

- The Mainz Dom

- The Mainz Roman Theater between the Zitadelle and the S-Bahn station

- Mainz Augustinerasse

- The Rosengarten on the far southeast corner of Mainz and four minutes walking from this is the Volks Park

- Mainz Christuskirche

- The Mainz Bahnhof Square and Station

- The Wiesbaden Bahnhof

- Nordbrucke Railway Bridge from Mainz to Wiesbaden (you can walk over the bridge and it's well worth the walk).

- Schloss Biebrich and the Schloss Park next to it

- Niederwalddenkmal at Rudesheim.  Note, you have to take the cable car to the top where the Germania statue rests, and while in Rudesheim, you might as well admire the tourist-trap fake village built around the whole gimmick.

- Nerobergbahn and the hilltop.  It's at the north end of Wiesbaden and the railway is an interesting piece of design from the late 1800s.

- Wiesbaden Orthodox Church (next to the Nerobergbahn).

- The Wiesbaden Kurpark.  A city park going back to the 1800s and a great example of English landscaping.

- Wiesbaden's Saint Augustines of Canterbury Church

- Wiesbaden's Marktkirche

- All the grand houses on Gustuv Freytag Strasse in Wiesbaden

- All the grand houses on the banks of the Rhine River, on the eastern side of Mainz

- Ringkirche of Wiesbaden

- Saint Bonifatius Church at the Luisenplatz (you might as well check out the monuments in the square in front of it)

And no, it's pretty much impossible to see and experience all of these in one week.

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