Friday, April 8, 2016

Kretschmann Factor

ZDF, Channel Two from the state-run TV empire of Germany.....runs a polling service on individual political figures in Germany, and who is 'popular' at present.

They closed out the poll today, with a Green member from Baden-Wurttemberg now ranked as the most popular politician in Germany today (PM Winfried Kretschmann).

What can be said is that the election of three weeks ago finally pulled some national attention for Kretschmann.

Kretschmann is presently 67 years old, and there is a possibility that the Green Party at the national level might pull him up for more public forum appearances, and he might be the 2017 Green Party candidate for chancellor.

The slam that might go against him?  In his youth, after doing the mandatory military service period....he joined up with the Communist League of West Germany for two years.  After that period, he signed up with the fledgling Green Party as they were going through their early years in Germany.

On the positive side, he's argued against the Green position of heavy taxation on industry or business operations because of the position that it affects jobs and growth.

The Greens in Berlin would likely argue that they've got several faces which are popular with the public.  The counter-argument is that some people might be willing to vote Green Party if they weren't so far to the left....which Kretschmann represents that moderate figure that people can find something positive to support.

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