Monday, April 4, 2016

Beer and Calories

I sat and watched some piece over the weekend on German TV, which had a brief interview with a retired fifty-year-old German guy....who was an alcoholic.  The German government, after a couple of rehab deals, gave up on the guy and allowed early retirement.  Based on what was said, you'd have to guess his early pension deal was roughly 300 Euro a month....which won't pay for much of anything.

So the journalist guy was asking the early he spent his days, and the answer was....drinking 18 beers a day (.5-liter each).  The cheap stuff, naturally (35-cents each).

I sat and did the math on calorie count.  That's comes out to 3,000 calories per day.  I can humbly only take a guess, but I'm assuming that he probably has one single bratwurst, and then the rest of his daily calorie intake is the beer.

No nutrition expert or scientist ever sits down to examine how a guy could survive off beer (or mostly only beer) alone.

My brother had an associate years ago from the local community....that did an entire case of PBR each day (starting around 7AM).  That added up to 2,700 calories strictly off the beer (seven days a week, if you were curious). The guy probably never weighed more than 160 pounds in his entire life.

The lifestyle of this German guy?  He'd pretty much given up and just wanted alcohol around the clock.  Based on what they were paying for the early pension....the only thing in his life that he could afford....was beer, which he prioritized higher than living circumstances, smokes, or food.

You kinda shake your head over this, but I'd take a guess that he is just one of tens of thousands in this circumstance in Germany.

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