Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lack of Freedom of Religion

In the last couple of days, the AfD Party of Germany (the anti-immigration folks) took up a new topic....suggesting that Islam is a political tool and not compatible with the Basic Law (the German Constitution).

The opposition will say that the AfD folks are using the irrational fear (it must always be irrational because rational people would not come to this conclusion....so the experts say).....of the public.

Part of this AfD discussion centers on forbidding the Islamic facial covering and the use of head scarves.  At the national level, I have doubts that it'll be ever passed, but at the state levels....as elections become more heated.....I imagine within five years that the first German state banning facial coverings will occur, and be challenged in court.

The counter-argument?  Most would say that a majority of Muslims are law-abiding people.  It's that ten-percent factor that aren't....which usually is laid down on the table and keeps this discussion actively going.

My general perception, after hours of pondering....is that you can't really have freedom of religion.....if you have some fear of religion harming you. If you fear for your life, your safety, your neighborhood, your family, your existence.....then there's not really a freedom of religion in existence.  You simply pretend that such a thing exists and silently sit....waiting on some threat to come and harm friends and associates.  Then you go back the next day....hyping your belief in a freedom of religion....grieving for your friends....and worrying about this fake freedom of religion gimmick.

At some point, various people will wake up and realize that the Basic Law guarantees any religion to exist....even one made up in the middle of some pub on a Friday night by six drunk Saxons.  So, the six drunk Saxons will seize upon the idea of copying the Muslim religion for the most part, using the texts on threats and violence for their own religion, making all members (male and female) wear burkas, and have Friday night fests in honor of their religious principals....all guaranteed by the Basic Law.  At that point....the anti-AfD crowd will have to sit and ponder upon the threats made by this crowd and realize that they've got a pretty big mess on their hands.

In the end, you really don't have freedom of religion.  You have "flexibility" to do something religious, which may leave your neighbors alone, or harm them.  Only good sense and will-power split the fence between good and evil.

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