Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Book: "Wishful Thinking"

In four days (25 April), a new book will appear....written by Thilo Sarrazin (former SPD politician and generally accepted finance expert).  The title? "Wishful Thinking".

Sarrazin made a name for himself back in 2010 as he wrote a book entitled "Germany Abolishes Itself", which made a long discussion about the failures of multiculturalism in Germany, and the actual real cost of immigration.

The 2010 book got a lot of discussion and sales around Germany.  Thirteen editions of the book have been sold, and copies have exceeded 1.5 million.  Naturally, he's taken a tough position against the government of Chancellor Merkel.

Journalists tossed a great deal of negativity toward Sarrazin and his 2010 book.....mostly  in defense of multiculturalism.  Along the way, he's also criticized Islam in Germany.....which got more negativity by journalists.

Polls from the 2010 period indicated that his views are shared by approximately half of the population, and in one instance.....a poll of about twenty-percent of the public said that they'd support a political party by Sarrazin.....if he'd start one.    At that point, he was sixty and I think he was more amused by the party talk than anything else.

This new book?  Wishful Thinking?

He's taken the Chancellor's vision and appears (by the description that Bild newspaper has printed this week on the book review) discuss at length the various failures of the immigration and integration program.

With the 2010 book having sold 1.5 million copies....there's some expectations that this new book will meet and exceed the previous book.  The thing's coming at a time when open discussion might interceded with the two fall state elections in Germany and cause some people (from all parts of the political spectrum) to discuss the vision ahead.

Public chat forums on state-run German TV will end up forced to address the book and Sarrazin's view of failed immigration.  The more these discussions are brought into public view.....I suspect that there will be less support of the Berlin position on mass immigration and the current vision.

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