Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Routes

For several weeks in Germany, they've been hyping up via the state-run news media how the routes that immigrants and asylum seekers have been shut down.  Spiraling numbers gets mentioned daily.  Yes, thanks to Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungry, and Austria.....it's all working.

Well, I noticed last night a new and fresh map up.  The smugglers have customers, and they will not be denied.

So three new routes have been quietly developed.

Route one: Turkey, through Bulgaria, onto Serbia's corner, and into Hungry.  There's no fences on these edges.

Route two: Greece, through Bulgaria and Romania, and onto Hungry.

Route three: Greece, onto Albania, then by ship to Italy.

No one says much over numbers..  My humble guess is that by the end of May, we will be back to standard regular numbers that we saw in 2015 (50,000 to 100,000 per month).

The obvious German question will be....can we pay off Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria.....like we paid off Turkey.....to hinder or stop the refugees?  The answer is obviously yes, but then how much?  Turkey got three-billion Euro and a waiver on visas.

At some point, the naive German sitting at home will ask some pretty stupid questions, and get to a point where he's just laughing because it's all a big joke.

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