Sunday, April 10, 2016

The R3 Bike Trail

If you live in the Hessen area, we have this bike "road"....the R3.

From Rudesheim to Tann, a total of 258 kilometers.  It wanders along the Rhine River for a good bit of the trip, going along Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, and Fulda.

What is said about the road is that it's mostly concrete or asphalt (maybe 90-percent of it).  The literature for the road says the last 40-odd kilometers is the climb of the whole trip....after you pass Fulda and get closer to Tann.  The bulk of this trip is all flat territory.

At some point, you have to pass through the Milsenburg Tunnel....a old railway tunnel which has been paved and has some lights to illuminate the way as you bike through the tunnel (1173 meters or almost 4,000 ft).

The R3 is laid out in a fashion....that if you had seven could ride this trail fairly easily (30 km or 18 miles a day) and see a dozen sites along the trail (castles, towers, cafes, rivers).  You'd of course use bed and breakfast operations along the route as your nightly stopping points.

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