Thursday, April 7, 2016

Update on Koln Riot from New Years Eve

We are a hundred days past the Cologne (Koln) riot episode of New Years Eve.  You'd kinda expect the thing to have burned out in terms of information and updates., it hasn't burned out yet.

Today, we learn that a confidential police document exists which said during the events of the evening.....that the term "RAPE" in police reports was not to be used in any report generated by the cops there in Cologne.

Who gave the order?  The state interior minister...Ralf Jager.  At least, that's what the local newspaper is saying.

Jager had more or less rode out the wave of criticism by firing the head of the police.  Now?

It's hard to say.  Jager is a SPD Party member and the opposition will stand up in the state assembly to ask questions.  Jager may deny the order given, but it'll just force someone to bring the cops in and ask them by oath to cite who gave the order.  I think Jager may be forced to resign from his post as head of the state interior ministry.....but stay around as a political member.

Why give an order like this....not to use the word for rape?  There are probably a dozen words or phrases now that journalists, politicians, and intellectuals can't use or utter.....when talking about immigrants, asylum seekers or refugees.  That word is simply one of the dozen.  A German can rape a immigrant cannot rape a German....oddly, that's the logic of the current crisis and why Germans are slowly losing confidence in the situation working itself out.

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