Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Snake Story

Somewhere on the west end of Wiesbaden yesterday....cops got a call.  It was one of those oddball situations.

An apartment building.....a tenet with water leakage from the apartment above him.....a repair guy not getting access into the apartment in question.

When they finally talked to some folks around the building....there came this suggestion that maybe they should call a vet and some big guys to help.

So the door gets opened to this apartment, and what they find is mostly a jungle-like setting....water on the floor....a couple of mice or rats walking around, and a three-meter long Boa Constrictor.  They remove the snake, and based on journalist comments....there's going to be a chat between the landlord and the renter.

There's a trend going on in Germany....where these exotic-like snakes are being procured and some folks go a little strange on the living conditions.

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