Sunday, April 17, 2016

Restaurant Review: Landgasthof Zum Schwanen

Occasionally, I'll step into a small German restaurant and realize that it's better than average, and deserves some credit.

First, to find Landgasthof Zum's a bit of a task.  It's in the 'burb' of Wiesbaden-Kloppenheim, on the far east side of Wiesbaden (on Oberstrasse).   I should note that it lacks parking and you may have to drive down the street a bit to park, and walk back up to the small operation itself.

Second, they don't have an exceptionally large menu.  There's probably ten total dishes on the menu....most revolving around pork or beef.  What they do.....they do well, and is not out of some can or ready-made pouch.

Third, it's the traditional German atmosphere that reminds you of some inn with a dozen-odd guests and look of an 1800s pub operation.

Don't bother looking up a menu from an on-line site.....they don't post it.

If you wanted just plain old-fashioned German food.....cooked exceptionally well....this is the place.

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