Sunday, April 24, 2016

The "Bottomless Pit"

There are a dozen parts to the immigration, asylum, integration and refugee program in Germany.....which generally infuriate the bulk of the German public.

One of those issues is the quantity.

Focus (the German news magazine) brought this up again today, but in a way which notches the anti-immigrant slant a little bit more than usual.

You see....even at the federal level of the government, NO ONE knows how many refugees, immigrants or asylum seekers are really in Germany.

This "proof of arrival" a passport (with a picture, and finger-prints taken when registered) is something new and that not all refugees have this.....nor have all states gotten into the processing of this (it just started up in the last four or five months).

The database that states are working up and trying to truly count immigrants?  It's missing finger-prints.....into the hundreds of thousands.

As Focus points out.....the cops have their own suspicions about the mess.  Recently, the cops in North Rhine-Westphalia did a number of raids (33 camps or centers) and came to realize that roughly 400 Moroccans/Algerians were living in the camps/centers but weren't registered in any way with the government.  One is left with the impression that they just walked in....took up residence....and were eating free food each day.

The almost 6,000 refugee kids missing?  From the computer database, they exist.  But in real life?  They've walked out the door and simply disappeared.....or at least the experts believe this.

Focus even points out the blunt fact.....until all sixteen states cooperate and input all this data....there's no way to tell if states are handling dual or double refugees....where a guy is registered in X-state and also in Y-state, and getting double state funding.

I often write of the failed processes of the whole program....from a business's not a program that you'd advocate or suggest for any other government.

When a German sees all of this and literally shakes in anger....what's left to do?  He can't fire anyone or get anyone in the Berlin federal government to stand up and accept the blame.  The only solution he has left to vote for the most radical and counter political-party in existence to send a message.  The parties who ought to receive the message?  They waste countless hours on public or state-run German TV telling the public that they are foolish for voting for the AfD Party or xenophobic organizations.  Meanwhile, they fire no one or stand to admit they are running a banana-republic style immigration program, which is wasting literally hundreds of millions of Euro each year.

If you were looking for a label to hang on this whole's mostly of a government that is unable to take charge.....preferring to dump the problems down as far as possible and pretend that it'll all work out fine in the end.

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