Saturday, April 2, 2016

Annex 46: Belgium's Solution

Most people expected some dramatic legal actions to come out of the Brussels terrorist attacks.  So, late Friday.....there's this new draft thrown up that would concern new incoming immigrants.  It's a statement that you would sign as part of the documentation process.

Annex 46, the newcomers a fairly blunt and simple piece of wording.

So, it starts off that you want to reside or immigrate into Belgium, and there's this expectation of safety, security, rights, obligations, values and freedoms that are tied to your life in Belgium.

Then, you get this short list of fundamental rights.  Freedom of speech is listed.  If you incite hatred or violence in your will be dragged into court.  Freedom of assembly is listed.  If you are forced into an assembly....that's wrong and considered illegal.  Freedom of religion is listed.  You can join any religion, and quit any religion.  Freedom of sexual orientation is listed.  You can have any relationship of any type.

Spread through the document are a couple of minor the fact that at age are considered an adult and can marry anyone of your choosing, without peer pressure or parental authority involved.  Equal work and life conditions for men and women is listed as well.

At the bottom, you'd sign the document.

The thing....if you were a pretty die-hard Islamic member, there's some conflicts with the document.  Naturally, with the duality wording in the can slide around and just lie because it's all non-Islamic democracy garbage.  But then you come to one odd item....this freedom to quit your religion.  You see, with all the wording in the Koran, and literally dozens of duality statements where something is forbidden on one page and acceptable on another.....quitting the Islamic religion is not given a duality statement.

Once a member, you can't quit....that's the general hardcore philosophy within the religion.

Normally, you'd be threaten with death if you attempted to quit the Islamic religion.  If the topic ever comes up....the normal religious scholar will state that no one quits. When pressed to say it's a death sentence.....they go back to the same one ever quits the religion so it's not a big deal.

This statement is all just draft now and will face some issues.  I suspect that it will eventually pass, and then get challenged in court.  The judges will have a problem in that these are all fundamental rights written into the Belgium constitution.

After it gets through the legal episode?  Here's the could quickly require the same statement when you apply for a driver's license, a new passport, registering a car, etc.  Within five years....virtually every single Belgium citizen probably will sign the statement at least once or twice.

So when some idiot finally does something stupid or threatens someone who is marrying without the family permission.....the police will pull out the statement and ask if you did sign it.  You probably will stand there and remembering the stupid statement.  Then the whole legal affair will be about you violating your promise to the nation itself.    If you were a new citizen....they might find a way to void your citizenship and force you back to your original point of origin.

The odds that this statement will rapidly be used by other European countries?  I'd make a guess that within six months.....most follow the Belgium example.

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