Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Fencing of the Oktoberfest?

There's a piece in the Suddeutsche Zeitung (a Bavarian newspaper) today over plans to enclose and provide security over the Oktoberfest.  There would be various entrances with cops or security folks who would check out your bags or run a metal-detector over you.....before allowing you to enter.  This would all result in better security.

It's hard to say how this would work.  In total grounds, this is a 103 acre area.  Presently, you could walk in from twenty-odd directions and just wander onto the grounds, or leave in any direction.

 The fencing for this?  The problem is that most guys would look at something like this....perhaps a two-meter tall fence (no barb-wire) and try to hustle over the top of it.

How many cops per entrance?  I'd take a guess that you'd have to have a minimum of ten folks at each entrance and lines would exist on the first day and last day of the least an hour to get through an entrance.

Most everyone agrees, with all the terrorism and threats going on from right-wing and nut-jobs....they have no choice.  But to physically fight through the crowds at the train station, and make your way to the fest grounds.....then stand there for an hour to enter?  I think a large number of people will just say no and go somewhere else in Munich to drink beer and enjoy the festive occasion.

Who will pay for the cops and security fencing involved?  No one says much.  Just in fencing alone, I'd take a guess that a half-a-million Euro will be put out and proven to be sub-standard fencing for the first episode.  To run the cop or security part of this.....twenty-four hours a day (at least for the service-entry points) will be difficult and costly....figure another two or three million Euro for this part of the deal.  Coming out of the city budget?  No one says.

I've been to the fest and know the hectic nature of things going on.  By adding a fence and security onto this?  Why make the trip down and face this type of added chaos?

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