Friday, January 16, 2015

A Wolf in the Woods Story

If you go over to the Hessen Museum in Darmstadt.....there's an interesting marker in one of the display areas.

Around one-hundred-and-fifty years, in the state of Hessen....some local hunter shot the last wolf in the state.  I kinda doubt that the guy knew the implications at the moment, and it might have taken twenty years for folks to say in agreement....yep, that hunter bagged the last one.

Anyway....folks got around to making up a marker....a memorial of sorts....noting that the last wolf in this area of Germany (Hessen) was gone. For decades, the marker was noted and seen by locals.

At some point....probably in the 1990s.....they moved the marker over to the Hessen Museum, as a historical piece.  Next to a stuffed wolf to demonstrate the whole story.

Up until 2008....this marker held to the historical part of the story.  At some point 2008....locals determined that another wolf had entered Hessen.  It might have wondered over from Poland, or made it's way from as far away as just don't know.  Presently, some folks think there's at least a couple of wolves now in the region.  Naturally, this gets public TV time as journalists try to harp on the fact that wolves DON'T attack people.  At least once or twice a year....some documentary will occur on our region HR network and harp on this fact to ensure no one shoots the remaining wolves.

It's just one of those 1,000-odd things about living in might have to deal with a wolf.

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