Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Data Story

An EU proposal has come up after the Paris killings of two weeks ago.  Basically, they want all travel data that you use for airline be stored for five years.  And we aren't just talking about a name and day kind of info.....over forty different pieces of data would be stored.

It'd basically lay out a passenger's history and behavior.  His country of origin, the passport used, the expiration date on the passport, gender, date of birth, travel itinerary, email address, ticket number, seat number, payment method, etc....would all be kept for up to five years.

Even the travel agent involved.....would be listed, along with the bags used or special requests like vegetarian food or upgraded seats.

The odds of it passing?  A year ago?  It would have been regarded as a no-go idea.  Today?  It might be fairly easy to pass.

The question is....what might we open up the database and use the data for?  Just terrorism?  Maybe banking scandals?  Perhaps robbery suspects?  One might question the other reasons for keeping the data.

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