Thursday, January 15, 2015

Forty Punks Who Aren't French

There was an odd episode yesterday that came out of France....related to the 'Charlie Hebdo' event.  The French education ministry decided that it was appropriate to take a moment out of the day on Monday, and have a moment of silence.

You could say that it was a significant event, with a large segment of French society saddened by violence and deaths.  It was appropriate.

Oddly....this moment of silence just didn't go off well.  Late yesterday, the education minister (Najat Vallaud-Belkacem)....reported to Parliament that at least two hundred cases occurred where the moment of silence was interrupted or resisted.  In a handful of wasn't just a verbal altercation or argument that brewed was actual physical violence.

The education minister reports that these episodes that demonstrated violence....ended up with the cops being called, and there are approximately forty young individuals being investigated for aiding a terrorist organization.  For usually get jail time.  Ages of the 'punks' involved?  Not least not yet.

What does this say?  I would be humble and note this.  There are French people in France.....who are not French.  They will never be French.  And their chief belief is that France will eventually dissolve into something else which makes it Islamic in nature.

Up until the past week, I would have said that France was on automatic, and probably not going to do anything to hinder this progression of France being non-existent....whether it took a hundred years or a thousand years....they would have just let it happen.  I think the murders woke France up.  There's questions now.  Who is French and who isn' being discussed.

The forty kids being checked out for physical violence for the minute of silence?  They might want to review their options....staying in France or leaving for a 'plan b' country.  Life might not be as good as it was in France.  

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