Saturday, January 31, 2015

France and the Eight-Year Old Kid

This is one of those oddball stories that require a minute or two to explain.

This week in France....teachers have been on the 'talk-Charlie' theme.  After the shootings in Paris, the French education system believes that it needs everyone to discuss the events and ensure students have the central theme out of Paris.

So, they came to this eight-year-old kid of Algerian background who lives in Nice, France.  The objective of the class project was to get everyone to recite "I am Charlie".  The kid responded "no"....he wouldn't participate in this theme.  Naturally, the teacher got hyped up, and it became a bigger event.

The eight-year old kid's dad gets called.  He shows up at the school and talking direct to the head of the school.  He defended the kid and this turned into some type of least both the father and the school director say that.  Charges could go either way.

The school authorities?  They've alerted the social service crowd that they think the kid is in some danger.  No comment if they've reacted to this.....if they might yank the kid from the home.....or how they might treat this.

If they yank the kid from the home.....where does he end up?  A social office home for abused kids?  would he get placed in a non-Muslim house?  Would the Muslim society in France claim some fundamental right that he has to be placed with the parents?  Would the French high court get involved?  Yeah, a bunch of questions.

Was it necessary to have some "I am Charlie" theme with eight-year old kids?  I might question that.....but then this is the society that openly talks on sexual subjects with eight-year old it doesn't matter.

The amusing thing here is half of a class of eight-year old kids still believe in Santa and this whole "I am Charlie" theme might be way over their heads in terms of interest.

Bottom line?  A whole lot of hypocrites on all sides.

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