Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Left-Foot In and Right-Foot Out Society

Imagine you were sitting in a room with a dozen people....some of expertise in various areas like economics or law enforcement.....some with knowledge over etiquette....some with competence in hygiene and dress behavior....some with a proficiency in diet and fasting....some with a knack for sexual conduct....and one guy with a cleverness over a particular religion.  The leader of this group says....even if takes a week or two....this group needs to develop a code for folks to live by.

Naturally, the leader of this group then states the dozen objectives.  All of these objectives lead you around to a certain methodology and particular rules.  Without those objectives.....you might have just written a sixteen-page rule-book.  But, now....because of the methodology....you have to very picky about life's little rules.

Somewhere, in the process of thinking about the objectives and the thousands of scenarios that could come up.....you start to make more and more rules.  It gets to a point where you question just about everything possible.

An example might be.....as you step into a bathroom....you step in with the left leg, and when you leave....you step out with the right leg.  Naturally, a guy in the group would ask why....get some stares, and just accept that the group knew better.  Does it really matter except you have to step in and step out?  Well....someone feels that way.

So, this is how Sharia Law developed in the 630 AD era.  A complete list that never changes?  No.  Sharia Law can be reviewed and have new scenarios develop.  When wigs came along....someone made up a rule that Islamic women couldn't wear wigs, or extensions.  It's possible that as new foods or drinks come out.....some addition could be made to cover that drink or eliminate that food.  So the laws are never complete.

How many experts are there on Sharia Law?  Well, an Islamic instructor/mullah would say he's an expert....but it's mostly his opinion that he's such an expert.  The typical average Islamic guy?  He can say with authority that he's heard from his local instructor or mullah on this topic but it's a big question mark if he can name more than hundred of the rules.  Some sects of Islam will tell you that using alcohol in cooking (making sure most has evaporated of course).....makes things fine. But you could come up to a couple of sects where they get up on Sharia Law, and say you can't use any alcohol, period.....in food preparation.

Does Sharia Law get picked up and carried to extremes?  It's a fair thing to say because debate across various levels occur daily, and there's intense feelings on how Sharia Law must agree with Allah....but mostly basis on interpretations of people.....fourteen-hundred years after Muhammad passed on.  Yeah, to be honest....interpretations and opinion are the significant ground rules of Sharia Law.

Does it matter to a German or European?  Up until recently.....I would have said no.  I used to be of the mind.....let people do their thing and let me do my thing....part of that Golden Rule mentality.  It was simple and could make everyone happy.

I've come to the point where I think you have to read up....grasp the full implications....and ask stupid questions.  The "let-me-do-my-thing" era.....has basically come to an end.  In some way.....I have to protect myself, my house, my neighborhood, my town, my region, and establish a boundary where people don't get stupid and make life miserable.  Trusting some politician, or some Catholic Priest, or some journalist who utter's an occasional 'Nazi-pin-stripes' comment?  Well....who are they, and what exactly do they know?  If they had some guy running around a city council and getting freaked out over a violation of some Sharia Law.....would they even know the vast openness of it....the sects that favor "X" but not "Y"?  I'm not sure.

So, as you sit there and wonder about the thousands of rules or future potential rules.....you might want to read a bit....get smart....and ask stupid questions.

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