Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sixty Canal Victims?

Manchester, a city in the central region of England, on the western side of the isle.  With a population of's an industrialized city with a lot of different cultures, characters, and drama.

This week, the newspapers finally picked up on a story which has kinda sat there because cops didn't want to make it into a dramatic worry.  You see....over the past couple of years....they've pulled sixty dead guys out of the canal that runs through the middle of Manchester, near the bar and party district.

If you lived in Nashville, or St Louis, and had sixty dead guys pulled out over a five-year period from the local canal or river.....someone would say something.

The general story by the authorities?  Well, they tried to say it this way....there's lots of bars along the canal and it's possible that every single one of the guys (no women) just got drunk, and fell into the water....never yelling for help.  The fact that goes hand in hand with this is that the bulk of the dead (at least fifty of them) have been found days and weeks later, and the body is in no condition to determine much of anything except the guy is dead.

The gut feeling?  I've read through four Brit newspapers and suspect there's some guy or gal who has escorted the poor drunk guy to some point, and pushes them into the canal. The victim is half-drunk and able to save himself, and it takes less than a minute to drown. A gay connection?  Well, there's nothing to suggest this.

The cops?  Nothing really says much in the papers that the cops are putting much effort into this.  Maybe they don't want to admit their status or their gut-feeling.  Maybe it's just that there's so much crime in Manchester that they prioritize and do the best they can.

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