Friday, January 9, 2015

Days Ahead

There's a foundation in Germany which wrapped up an assessment and poll over the typical Germans, and their fear of the Islamic religion.  The numbers are kinda surprising.  Roughly fifty-seven percent of Germans said they don't feel safe with those of the Muslim religion.   The word phrase actually used in the poll collection.....all done prior to the Paris shootings....was they feared Islam.  What the Paris episode does?  I would imagine that at least ten percent have joined the fifty-seven percent....and we are fairly close to two-third's of all Germans having a fear of Islam now.

What does this translate to?  It's a political time-bomb now....waiting for some political party to pick up the topic....attract people to a one-topic election....and suddenly twist the news media and national political apparatus into a mess.

The intellectural side of journalism can try hard to tell this story.....that only radicals are the problem.  Then some fairly witty comedian in a public forum will ask how we recognize such radicals and if they exist in Germany.  Some expert will respond that two-thousand such radical exist, and then the question will quick can we remove them from Germany and what law will be applied to their exodus requirement?  Naturally, the intellectual guy is cornered in his argument.  There is no law to be a solution you have to make one, and it'll mean that thousands of Islamic individuals will be identified as potential problems....exactly what the intellectuals and political folks want to avoid.

The 'safe' Muslim?  The more that an intellectural uses this term and portrays two varieties of Muslims.....the less effective that the argument becomes for the intellectural.  A witty guy might ask....why are there two varieties of Islam?  Don't they all use the same document for their basis of existence?  The comeback will be.....well.....some believe the document to an absolute scale, and some just use it as a basic starting point but don't believe various pieces and parts of the Quran.

'Which parts' will naturally be the next question.  Someone from the crowd will ask if the Quran can be edited, dissolving these threatening passages....then the intellectural will say forbidden.

'Why' will be the next question, and there's no adequate answer here.....just silence.

The Quran ends up being a holy document, based on comments of one (and only one) individual....from the seventh century.   You can look over the original crew (membership) and generally say that they ended becoming thugs as they came into Mecca and did the objectives of their prophet.  The guys hanging around today and making themselves into non-members of society?  Thugs using the 7th century behavior and modern-day society.

This week in France....between the book of Submission being released and the Paris shooting events....things have advanced a bit in Germany.  The political apparatus and news media crowd are now stuck into an impossible position.  They have to admit that some significant numbers (probably over two thousand such individuals) in Germany.....need to leave.  They could stall this thought for a year or local elections swing widely, and the AfD Party suddenly pick up sixteen-to-twenty percent of the votes....thus threatening the 2017 election to a great extent.  Just to suggest an end result of twenty-five percent for the AfD in 2017.....would likely shake the foundations of German political stability.

And if AfD did come around.....would the laws be amended enough to say more than just a thousand or two thousand Muslims would have to leave, and where exactly would they go?

Chaos coming?  Yeah.  You can feel it.

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