Monday, January 5, 2015

Just Some German Statistics

Sometimes, I'll point out odd numbers and statistical things from Germany and Europe.

1.  Even though the Greek Drachma has not existed for more than a we slip closer to the Greeks leaving the Euro and going back to the Drachma....there's a programming number which has existed from day one and relates things back to day one of the exchange. Euro will buy you roughly three-hundred-and-forty Drachma.  You want to be a millionaire for one day?  Buy three-thousand Euro of get the status of a millionaire.

2.  The Russian Ruble sat on a very stable number for the past decade....roughly forty Ruble to one Euro.  With all the chaos of the past month or two.....the Ruble is now seventy to one Euro.  If you were a Russian with a taste for German'd almost be paying double for what you bought a year ago.

3.  There are an estimated 280,000 homeless people in Germany (Deutsche Welle numbers)....out of eighty million.

4.  Using 2013 numbers, Germany has about 110,000 motorcycles and scooters registered for the road.

5.  There are roughly sixty-eight thousand gay married couples in Germany, with the edge being two-to-one on male couples.

6.  There are approximately fifty casinos across Germany. Most are a one-only operation in a resort, within a larger town.

7.  There are 4640 movie screens across Germany (2011 numbers).  Using the numbers from that year, there were roughly 128 million entry tickets sold.

8.  There are only four million Germans on Twitter, and roughly twenty-two million accounts on Facebook which relate to Germans (you can never be sure how many are real and how many are fake).

9.  Germans have roughly eight million housecats.

10.  There are roughly 1,200 breweries operating in Germany....producing around 5,000 total types/brands of beer.  Some, I should note....are strictly holiday beers (like Octoberfest or Christmas-related). All of this leads to the average German adult drinking 131 liters of beer per year.

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