Friday, January 2, 2015

Business Bankruptcy Rate for Germany

It's not a statistic that will make the German least the normal the news cycle.  For 2014, the level of business bankruptcies was around 23,800.....down roughly nine percent from 2013.

The two more prominent and noted businesses failing?  MS Deutschland got onto the list.....the German "Love Boat", a cruise-line.  Based on reports from various news groups over the past month, there is speculation that the owners took a fair amount of profit for the past four years and simply allowed the cruise ship to fail.  The fact that it's a smaller operation than most cruiseships and a bit older.....might play into the failure as well.  One cruise ship blog indicates that there's interest in someone buying the ship but it'll have to go through the court.

The other prominent business failure was Prokon....the wind-energy company.  Oddly, as early as the spring of 2010.....various investment groups were already predicting the demise of Prokon.  The general belief is that the investor side of the business was making huge promises on return.....which most experts simply didn't believe in or support.  By the end of 2013, stock-holders were furious and demanding a solution.  The only solution in the end?  Bankruptcy. has a good article over the whole business bankruptcy deal of 2014.  The look into 2015?  Just not that good.....toss on Greek issues, continued problems in Ukraine, and a dismal Russia's likely to be at the same number, if not more, in 2015.

I should note here....the German bankruptcy numbers for business operations is better than the French number.  For 2013, the French business side saw roughly 60,000 bankruptcies (Wiki).  For the Netherlands....excluding December....they saw 6,124 business bankruptcies for eleven months out of the year (CBS.NL).

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