Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Swiss Pegida Points

For most folks, they tend to view the news and come to some aspect over Pegida (the anti-Muslim group in Germany), and think it's a one-country deal.  It's not.

I noticed in the last couple of weeks that the Swiss also have their version of Pegida, which published a fourteen-point objective:

1.  They favor less asylum seekers.  The current number in Switzerland is roughly 200 seekers per one social worker.  There's no way that the social workers can stay on top of their individual and assist them.  Either more social workers need to be hired, or the number of seekers be decreased.

2.  Enforce the laws.  If the asylum seeker is on a temp entry visa and commits a crime....remove him or her from Switzerland.

3.  Zero tolerance for any asylum seeker who has committed crimes in the past and these get noted in the investigation process.

4.  Stop all asylum processes if a conviction is noted in the individual's past.

5.  No further processing of an entry person if they show anti-women tendencies or violent past actions.

6.  Absolute support of sexual freedom.  If an entry person is gay and wants to practice that life-style....the Swiss Pegida is in full support of their entry.

7.  Protection of existing religions.  They didn't go into many details, but it's safe to say that you can't practice a religion in Switzerland that has some rules against other religions.

8.  Against weapons exports to countries that show violent tendencies.

9.  Integration is tied to language ability to handle a situation at least through elementary school level.  You wouldn't get citizenship unless you show this ability.

10.  Swiss Pegida is against EU Court of Justice involvement in any immigration affair.  All asylum episodes are Swiss-run and to be no outside influence.

11.  No facial coverings in public.  Direct slam on Islamic groups who advocate such a covering.

12.  No religious members in government offices or voted into office for any position.  If you are a priest, minister, or religious scholar.....no government involvement.

13.  Against all radicals.....religious or political.

14.  Against all hate protocols, to include political or religious.

It's a curious listing because there's only two items which directed to Islam.  The rest have more of a connection to the running of a effective community, protection of society, and ensuring personal rights.

The last item puts the anti-Pegida groups into a difficult position....meaning they have to approve of hate protocols in going against Pegida.

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