Saturday, January 10, 2015

Local Police Story

German I've come to observe.....are remarkably intelligent and ask a number of questions.  Maybe it's the training....maybe it's the type of people they recruit....or maybe it's just the German in them that makes this possible.

This week, the local Wiesbaden news folks noted an event that wasn't your normal situation.

The night shift was doing their regular patrol around Wiesbaden on Monday evening.....coming up to Gustav-Streseman Strasse (the ring).  It's after midnight, and there's not that many cars running around.  But one gets their attention.

The car, a Renault....had no lights on as it drove around town.  Being after arouses the attention of the German cops.  They pull the guy over.

Ticket number one: no lights on.  But then, they started to ask questions.

Ticket number three: The guy states he just purchased the car recently.....but obviously that was not truthful.

Ticket number four: The guy claimed he just installed the tag....but obviously that was not truthful.

Ticket number five: No car insurance in effect.

Ticket number six: No drivers licence.  That in itself.....was a pretty bold statement and likely to get a hefty fine.

Ticket number seven: Alcohol consumption and driving.  The cops got close enough to detect some scent, and required a test.  He failed that miserably.....near 1.0.

Ticket number eight: Waiting. Because of various signs....they felt he was also on drugs.  So a blood test was required.  It'll be a week or so before the results come back.....but there's a fair suggestion that a ticket will come out of this as well.

Jail time?  It's hard to say.  There might be a prescribed sentence for some of these, but I'd regard it as a waste of time.  Fines?  I'd be thinking it'd up around ten thousand Euro by the time you get to the end.

The thing is.....the German cops just kept asking question after question, and it dug the guy deeper into a mess.  He may have been using the car continually since 2011.....when it was last registered to just don't know.  He just stumbled upon the wrong time of the day to operate, with cops looking for issues.

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