Monday, January 19, 2015

Just Kassel International Airport Now

In recent months, I've written an essay or two on the Kassel-Calden hour or two north of Frankfurt.  It's a mini-airport which the German government poured in approximately 275-odd million to invite business into the local area of Kassel.  Because of EU rules....they've come to the end of pumping money into the airport and are in a stage where they desperately need to show business or sell the operation as a failure.

This weekend....the management team over Kassel-Calden Airport made a help ID the airport in a better light.  They've renamed it....Kassel International Airport.

Yeah....somehow, they are convinced this will help in getting business.  The big sign out on the front of the airport will be requiring a well a couple of approach signs to the airport.  I'd take a few guess that 200,000 Euro will be required to make the structural changes.

Improving business?  No....I would doubt that.

If you are passing up from Frankfurt and heading's worth the effort to stop off and spend twenty minutes browsing the two gate airport in the middle of a farming area.....all paid for by the German tax-payer.

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