Saturday, January 24, 2015

Maybe A Conclusion to the Limburg Affair

Back in the fall of 2013....we had this episode brew up in the region I live....near Limburg (about fifteen miles away).  Basically, the Catholic Church in Limburg, via their Bishop (Tebartz van Elst)....had decided on renovation work for the local church, and the Bishop's compound (I describe it as such, but some folks would just say residence).

The original talked about renovation would have been a couple million Euro, at least that's what journalists tend to say.  I've yet to see the plans of the original renovation.  Near the end of the episode....over thirty million Euro were spent.  A number of things were added onto the plan as things developed.  It's safe to say....the Bishop is a lousy plans manager and has zero talent as a project manager.

Things got tight in the local area....folks peeved over what the Bishop had the Catholic Church walked into the mess and removed him (fired might be appropriately used as well).

They sent the guy off to some quiet place in Bavaria.  They did the big report, and then let things simmer.

Yesterday, they've announced that the fifteen months of reflection are over, and the Bishop is now hired to come to Rome and be a secretary to the Pope.  Yeah, basically....the time-out is over.

Folks around Limburg still question the whole thing, but it's done.....the money has been spent, and they have a mega-class residence for some Catholic Bishop sitting there.

The new job?  Something to do with social changes and bringing the Pope into the modern era.  It's a new concept or office, which has only been around for five years.  There's zero chance that the Bishop will be handling big-time money or renovation projects....maybe that's a positive. Criminal charges from the Limburg episode? just won't happen.  As much as some folks talk bad about what was done....the authorities just can't bring themselves to run up charges against some Bishop.

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