Friday, January 30, 2015

Murder by Family Story

We had a murder last week here in Hessen (my local state in Germany).  Journalists covered the episode and reported the body being found in a parking lot in Darmstadt.  Cops developed leads quickly and we have a bit of an unusual family killing.

A daughter.....nineteen years old....was actively engaged to some guy and announced to the family that she was marrying this guy.  The family.....immigrants....didn't bless the event, and instead determined that she needed to be terminated.

In the beginning.....the cops came to an uncle and aunt of the young lady....charging them. It's not clear how they figured the involvement unless someone noticed them hauling the victim away in their car. This morning....the cops arrested the fifty-one year old father and the forty-one year old mother of the participants in the murder as well.

The young victim was chocked to death by one of the four.  They removed the body from the family apartment by using grandma's wheelchair....driving out of the area with the family car, and then wheeled the dead girl out to some parking lot....dumping her there.  Even I'll's pretty bizarre.

All authorities will say is that the young lady was a Pakistani-German, and the parents emigrated into Germany in recent years.  The fiancee in this case?  He's another Pakistani-German.

Charges?  Authorities aren't saying except murder, and accessory to murder will be involved in the court episode.

On average, within Hessen....I'd say that some immigrant-on-immigrant murder or assault likely occurs at least weekly, and in the eighteen-odd months I've lived in Wiesbaden....I've seen at least six to eight murders from the state which connect to refugee/asylum seeker/immigrant.  From each of these, the newspapers will give a bare bit of details....just enough to tell a basic story.  It usually involves a bad relationship or sudden pregnancy or family chaos over managing everyone's life within the family.

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