Friday, January 16, 2015

Two Little Bits From the Raids of Yesterday

During the late part of yesterday....cops in Belgium, France and Germany exercised some  search warrants.  On one of the raids.....two radical Islamic figures pulled guns....and a gunfight erupted.  Both guys are dead....Belgium cops safe.

From today's news, you can take two small tidbits from the Belgium news....which probably won't get onto CNN, or into the German press.

Tidbit One: Fake police uniforms were reported from one of the raids.  Belgium cops won't say much except there at least one fake police uniform.  This ought to scare an awful lot of political figures because it creates dozens of scenarios where people might sitting in a pub, when cops enter and start shooting.  Or you might have cops enter a theater/kino, and start shooting.  Oddly, it's one of those tactics from the ISIS guerrilla war and events in the Middle East.

Tidbit Two: There's some evidence that this secret cell of jihadists wanted to capture a significant European character (a political figure, a journalist, someone with a name and identification to the public), and behead them (for public fear).  No countries given....just that the topic came up in the investigation so far.

Both of these little items would normally cause silly Europeans to rattle off a list of fears and start to question political authorities about their strategy and future plans.  As long as people were kidnapped in the Middle East and beheaded there....Europeans just viewed it with disgust....spoke a few negative comments....and did mostly nothing.  If some event were to occur in Bavaria, or Amsterdam, or Berlin....the public perception would change overnight.

The question here....which I think will start to it safe?  And the answer might not be the same that you heard yesterday or last week.

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