Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Lost Car Episode

This was a story from the local area (Wiesbaden) from this past week.  Cops came to report it.....actually concluding it, in an amusing way.

Two years ago (2012, toward the end of the year)....some eighty-year-old German gal had driven her Toyota vehicle over to a regional shopping area, and come out to find it gone.  She reported it.  Cops came....wrote up the report....documenting the location and tag number.

This past week, a non-cop patrol (yet to be explained), was looking over vehicles in a local parking lot, and here was the old gal's car.

I came to note the area and did a map search.  Where she'd gone was a shopping area where there are three parking lots to an open storefront area, with maybe six different stores.  What she'd done was go into one parking lot....probably shop at two or three shops and simply get mixed up over where she'd parked the car (probably another parking lot over).  These aren't big parking lots....maybe sixty to a hundred spots in each.

You would think that the cops would have driven her around, but they simply accepted  the story....wrote the report....and ended this by taking the old gal home.

So they tried to call the old gal up with the good news, and discovered.....she's been dead for at least a year.  Relatives hold the old key and they put the relatives onto the car.  No one said much about the insurance company paying off the old lady, or if she had that type of coverage.

Bad memory?   Yeah.  We had an episode about six months ago where some couple left home and were going shopping within thirty-odd miles.....they got turned around and ended up twelve hours later in some area about three-hundred miles away.  We have these episodes like this.....where older German drivers probably ought to be tested yearly, but no one wants to make it a real political chat topic.

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