Saturday, January 31, 2015

Talking Stolen Cars

The local news here in Hessen (my local state here in Germany) put up a statistical story on stolen cars.  It's an interesting story.

They can only cite the latest collection of data....2013.  From all of Germany, there were 19,935 cars stolen.  It's a couple of percent higher than 2012.

For my state of Hessen?  673 cars were stolen....maybe a six-percent increase over 2012.

From my small village area....since January of 2013, there's been around eight cars stolen.  One of the eight was recovered just before it was going to cross over the border into Czech.  It's become a topic which gets brought up occasionally.  The older folks can remember the 1970s when there were zero cars stolen from the village in any given year.

The belief by most folks is that the cars all end up in Poland and then moved onto Russia.  Rarely does anyone ever get their car there's no way to validate if they are right about this or not.

I would project that as trends continue....folks will probably become more aggressive and spend additional money on anti-theft devices.

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