Sunday, January 17, 2016

Big Raid on Saturday Evening

Sometime around 5:30PM in Dusseldorf yesterday.....local cops started a 300-man raid on what they call the Maghreb-quarter (adjacent to the train station there in Dusseldorf).

Generally, what the news media says.....this was against North African criminal gangs that now roam the station area.....either robbing people or making drug sales in the area outside of the station.

All the cops will say is that they brought a bunch of guys into a tent they erected there.....asked questions....interrogated folks....and arrested a "few".  My interpretation is that few means less than fifteen.

What'd they get out of this massive effort for a handful of arrests?

I'm guessing everyone was photographed, with names attached to each, and their status to be in the country was settled.  There's a database that you can now bump against and use surveillance to easily build cases.

The other element is that this raid occurred mostly around cafes and pubs where the gangs operate.  So it wouldn't surprise me if cops deposited a dozen-odd bugs and have easy access to the thug's conversations.

When you look back at the NSU-murder case that eventually got worked up by cops.....they put tremendous effort into cameras and bugs, and there were thousands of hours of collected information for the cops to hand over to the prosecutor for court efforts.

I think the cops might sit down with the Social Office people, the Job-Center people, and eventually ask how these guys seem to live lifestyles without any job.  Couple that with pressure on the BAMF folks to revoke visas, and the guy would have to go back to his host country.  Course, this funny habit by immigrants to destroy their home-country passports will trigger another problem.....but eventually, Germany is going to force each immigrant who wants the probably give up their passport in a willing manner and let it be held by the local immigration office (it is odd they've yet to get that smart).

My prediction is that you start to see raids like this every week or two, and the cops start to build massive cases.

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