Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New German Political Poll

Political season has started in Germany.....at least three German states.....where elections in mid-March will mark some change or perception by the public.

I noticed this morning out of "Focus" (German news magazine)....that a new survey had been completed nationally over the holiday period.  For the SPD Party (the left-leaning party)....it was dismal news.

Nationally, the SPD is placed at 22.5 percent.   If you look over the past three decades....it is probably the lowest point that the party has been at and there's not much in hopes for a change over the next couple of months.

The other parties?  From this poll....the Greens remained steady at ten-percent, and the CDU/CSU combination stood at thirty-six percent.  The Linke Party had roughly ten-percent, and the FDP stood at five-percent.  The AfD folks?  They were just under the ten-percent point.  The rest?  Undeclared.  A quarter of the voting public....attached to no party?  Yes, and that might worry some folks.    

Regionally?  That's the bigger of questions.  Each state has a different theme and polling data could be widely different from the national picture.  The chat forums for January and February will have some effect in the three states having elections.

For the SPD to mount some type of recovery for the March elections.....they'd have to take on immigration and find some way to attract the quarter of the public who remains unattached to any party.  The national election is roughly twenty-two months away, and if some change in philosophy were to occur....it'd have to start shortly.

Bottom line?  German politics for the two years ought to be fairly interesting.

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