Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fixing the German Problem

One of the big issues in asylum applications, immigration situations and refugee status in what you do after the guy or gal fails the paperwork exercise.

Most of German news media journalists will simply say that if you are an Iraqi or Syrian's a 95-percent chance you will get a visa.  After that....your odds go down drastically....with some groups (Albanians for example, only getting a five-percent chance of approval).

The current practice by the government is to announce you've failed and in a couple of will be either bused or flown back to your country.  What typically happens next is that the failed applicant will destroy his passport, and then the whole mess gets thrown into an unwinnable situation.

The Germans then have to approach the country of the applicant and note that he needs to return....and they need to manufacture another passport.  In most all cases (at least by what the German news media has said over the past year).....most countries don't want the guy back and they refuse to make another passport.

The current political game is that they talk about making up treaties between the EU and the various countries....where the EU would withhold financial considerations (it's a BRIBE in English but you just can't say that phrase in this context) from the country unless they act on the passport issue.

After you look at this for a least for me....the solutions are pretty simple.

After some immigrant shows up in Germany and wants a visa....he needs to surrender his passport to a local office which locks it up in a vault.  You get some kind of German visa/passport which covers your actions in Germany.  If you fail the visa episode (it may take six to eight months)....fine, they got your original passport and you can be flown or bused out.

For issues that occur and no passport exists (because the guy tossed or destroyed it)?  Simple.  You go to the country in question and give them one month to deliver a passport for that guy.  Failure to do so?  No entry into Germany for any citizen of that country, for any reason (won't matter if they are a businessman, banker, tourist, etc).  You extend the no-enter status throughout the EU and establish the quick-to-fix routine for countries with bad attitudes.  Daily flights from various countries heading toward Europe would immediately stop and chaos would be dumped on local politicians to fix the problem.

The last part of my solution might be more difficult for Germans to accept.  Once a guy is declared failed on the visa and there is no passport to tie to the pack him up and send the guy to a prison with actual guards.  He's not welcome or accepted...he's a problem. You treat him that way.

If Germans don't like the tough character of this?  Fine....just go ahead with the US-style concept of letting everyone stay and pretend there's no real policy at all.  Pretend there is no visa process, and just get on with life.

The fakeness of all of this....and the continued behavior of politicians saying they have a problem but they can't find a solution....well, it's more of a comedy than an exercise in democracy.

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