Thursday, January 21, 2016

Midnight Show

Late night TV on German pretty much marginal.  Tuesday night, there was some jungle-camp deal with no-name promi-stars, a cop-murder movie, reruns of some 1980s American shows, some fake reality shows, and from ARD (state-run Channel One)....a hour-long chat forum with a Muslim intellectual.

I probably caught ten minutes of it before I fell asleep (they run stuff like this at midnight....go figure).  Shockingly, today....a number of people....well, probably a couple of dozen because most people were likely asleep at midnight...commented on what the guy said.

Enlightenment and self-criticism were the two key terms that he threw out there....noting that the religion needed both.  It's probably been the only time in the past year where some open-handed comments came out in the religion discussion.

The amusing side of this is the candid behavior by the guy probably would help in the current German discussion.  But they left this to the midnight period, where barely 5,000 Germans out of 80-million sat and observed the whole hour-long discussion.  Intentional?  That's what I wonder about.

Oddly, the ARD folks put this on their web site at 2AM....allowing commentary for six hours before cutting it off.  A fair number of folks said the same thing....finally some refreshing prospective and suggestion on reform....just why run this with almost no one watching.

The platform here is that state-run ARD can claim that they have been open-minded and showed a different prospective.  Maybe it's just an odd thing that they picked midnight and hardly anyone is around to watch it.....but people could download it.  I'm pretty sure if I asked....they'd admit that almost no one over the age of forty downloads anything from their site, and the handful that do....are mostly college kids.

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