Monday, January 11, 2016

My Ten Observations Over Koln (Ten Days Later)

1.  These women who who showed up on Saturday for the opposition demonstration against Pegida in Koln?  There were roughly two thousand participants and video indicates there were a lot of women there....protesting both sexual assault and extremism from the right.  The many of those women were actually there on the night of the 31st at the Dom and train-station in Koln?  My guess....none.

2.  A huge amount of tough talk by just about every political leader in Germany over the past seven days.  Prior to that?  Almost nothing.  Makes good theater, but you just don't get much more than speeches and acting.

3.  The people who suffered the most?  Wives, girl-friends, and family members of the losers who were there on the night of the 31st of an immigrant variety.  They have to take this kind of loser-treatment.....twenty-four-seven.....365 days out of the year.  They know the guy is screwed up, and just continue to take it.

4.  If you were in a pretty wretched place, with dismal conditions and no chance to ever excel in your life.....then suddenly you arrived in some Disney-land-like place where opportunity existed and a chance to enjoy life.....what idiot would show up and act like some teenage thug and sexually assault women to the degree that cops would come to visit you, and your visa might be thrown into conflict, with you kicked out of Germany?

5.  What idiot would be trusting enough to go out during Fasching (in four weeks) and attend evening parties in Koln?

6.  What idiot guy of authority would dictate openly lying to the public after all this business.....saying the city was safe after a quiet evening when more than a hundred women were sexually assaulted?

7.  Anyone want to predict 31 December 2016 and how many cops will be in Koln's train-station area?  Three-hundred?  Four-hundred?

8.  So, after you charge up 500 guys with theft or sexual assault.....pumping your chest as cops.....then as each case goes to a local judge and he either dismisses the charges and down-grades the sentence phase to a quarter of the normal exactly will you feel as a cop?  How you feel as a resident of the city.....trusting your legal minds to protect you as much as the cops?

9.  If you were a HR guy or employer looking to hire people.....any chance that you might view behavior from young immigrants as a problem and refuse to hire them?

10.  When Pegida demonstrations do occur now.....what's the odds of some joker getting into the middle and doing stupid things to cause cops to over-react?   If hooligans from some other agenda get into the middle of this....what does it say about the whole discussion?

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