Friday, January 8, 2016

Why Fire the Koln Police Chief?

Over the past hour.....the German authorities out of Koln have announced that the chief of police there will be suspended, and allowed to retire.  Confidence has been the news media says.

What happened?

Based on various would appear that the rank-and-file cops tried to tell the story as things were unfolding and for several days....that it was mostly all immigrants involved.  The story....from midnight of the evening of the 31st.....was being tightly controlled by elements of the top level.  No one says who.....but one has to assume that the chief of police knew what was going on, and there probably was some political pressure being extended upon him and the story.

What happens next?  Someone will assume authority for a week or two, and some new chief will be appointed.  My humble guess is that it'll be someone from the state.....but maybe outside of the current police in the city itself.

It is extremely rare that a chief of police in Germany gets told to retire (at least it doesn't get into the news media very often).

As for fixing this mess?  I suspect some major announcement on Monday to help focus everyone on the idea that people will be brought to justice and fasching season will be safe for people in Koln.

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