Wednesday, January 20, 2016

RAF Story Continued

This morning, the various German news organizations are finally getting to an update over the Red Army Faction robbers (Ernst-Volker Staub, Marie-Luise Burdock and Burkhard Garweg).

In the month of December, there were two attempted armored car robberies up in the Bremen region.....both failures....both left DNA evidence of the three characters.

Most Germans are a bit shocked that the Red Army Faction now gets mentioned as active, violent, and aggressive.

So the rest of the story?  There's a third robbery which cops are absolutely sure that the three RAF members were involved in, and were successful, with at least a million Euro taken.

Then cops pulled out the elements of three people, robberies, usage of heavy weapons, and it's a curious thing.  Over the past twenty years.....there's at least seventeen such robberies (2 in Luxembourg).

Some of these involved not only machine-guns, but a bazooka.  Based on comments, the bazooka was simply shown....never used.

In most of these cases, they were successful.  Amount involved?  If all seventeen were them (some going into the pre-Euro period)....they've probably taken a minimum of five million Euro.....maybe even up to around ten million Euro.

The issue with the other robberies is that there is NO DNA evidence at the scene to show it might have been them.  It's the weapons, style of the robbery, and quantity of three to four members.  In several was four robbers.

How would this all fit?  I would speculate that the former RAF members (perhaps just the three, perhaps more)....were left in limbo after RAF collapsed.  They probably had a safe house deal, with one or two people from outside of the RAF circle to give them a safe environment.  I'm guessing they can't work, and the bank robbery episodes might all tie into one cover 'retirement' for these three, and perhaps a couple additional members that the cops have looked for and never found.

It cost money to cover healthcare out of your own pocket, with private doctors who don't ask questions.

The location of all these robberies?  They dipped into the Pfalz for a raid.....same for Saxony-Anhalt....but they stayed mostly in northern Germany and Hessen, except for the two in Luxembourg.

My guess is that they've got a farm-like operation where they maintain a low profile, with some fourth member as the public figure who shops and ensures their logistical requirements are met.  In the case of getaway cars.....they always dump the vehicle, and no one ever spots their actual car.  They are smart about this, and from what the journalists put out.....they've yet to kill anyone.

Added note: To do pre-heist homework, you need to be around some point and observe matters for at least a week, maybe two weeks.  People like this don't stay in hotels, and the seventeen points are too far apart.  So, the three RAF members, and their buddy-host....have an RV or trailer....and they camp out in the region they will conduct the robbery....pretending to be Germans on holiday.  If they likely drew a 20-km circle and asked about campers who left the area the day or week after the July or December robbery....they'd probably get a list of 2,000 RVs/campers.  It might take six months to whittle the group down, but I think six good cops could easily solve this....if they knew what to look for.

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