Friday, January 22, 2016

Tegal and Its Future

Tegel Airport (Berlin)....has been around for just over a hundred least in some form of military support or aviation-related support.

Northwest from Berlin centrum...maybe five kilometers is an airport on a death-list of sorts.  It sits on what was Berlin territory and currently has around twenty million passengers a year who transit the airport.  It is one of the few major airports in Europe which has no subway or railway connections.  The topic got brought up in the 1960s, the 1970s, and the 1980s.....but the general comment was that Tegel would shut why waste money on a subway system to the airport.

When BER opens (I's been five years since opening day, and people have doubts that the problems can be worked out....but folks continue to plan for BER to open)....then Tegel will be put on a closure list and given X number of months to shut the operation down.

So, there is chatter now in Berlin about what to do when Tegel is finally torn down.  There's a 10-million Euro project to plan around this idea and what may come.

The term 'leisure oasis' gets brought up.

People want this airport area to transform itself into some magnificent recreational area, educational site, and technology center.  RBB (the Berlin TV state-run network) did a brief piece on the ideas.

Unlike most airports which ample room to build upon....Tegel never had that type of plus-up.  It was a well defined property and limited on enlarging itself.

In ten years, Tegel probably will be on the tourist list of things to see in Berlin.....just to see how the closure went, and what eventually was done with the property.

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