Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Koln Commentary

For months, most major journalists in Germany have appeared on various chat forums and rallied around the theme of pro-immigration, pro-asylum, and pro-integration.  Since the Koln riot episode of the 31st....things have changed slightly.

I noted that Alice Schwarzer (probably one of the top twenty-five chat forum representatives that you'd commonly see)....who lives in the Koln area....finally came out today via the feminist magazine "Emma" and had harsh words over the riot of the 31st.

The best quote: "Product of a false tolerance".

Schwarzer notes that the whole concept of integration was not really desired (I think she means by both the individuals and by the Germans themselves).

It'll be curious how the normal German TV news chat forums take the topic and explain it to the public in bite-size portions, or how they relate their positions on immigration in solid with public opinion.

In some ways, it's the reversal of Kristallnacht, where the Nazis created a fake emergency out of thin air....to scare the public into accepting things that they would normally not accepted.  In this case, this crowd of thugs (immigrants labeled so far) out of Koln created chaos and a real emergency out of thin air.....unintentionally.....which scared the German politicians and police into doing things that they would normally not have done.

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