Friday, January 29, 2016

Three More Safe Countries

If you watched the German news from last night.....some meeting occurred in Berlin where both the CDU and SPD political parties came to a mutual agreement.  Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia got put on a list of "safe countries".

That means if you arrive in Germany and try to use the excuse for asylum or immigration of it being too dangerous in your home country (one of those three)'s a virtual zero chance that you will be accepted.  You might be able to draw things out for six months waiting for the Germans to fumble this along.....but they will reach a point and just say no visa will be granted.

What if you say you are a gay Muslim from Algeria?  Well....that will get a different type review for a social excuse, and your odds then go up in least above zero where 'safe-status' would be declared currently.

The guys already in Germany from these three countries?  No one says much.  If you were here on a visa, which had a time limit attached to means that it'll come to an end and either it'll be extended or converted into citizenship.  But if they pull out the safe-status of Alteria, Morocco and'd think that no extension would be allowed and you'd be given the hint to plan on leaving Germany.

The effect of this?  Well, it's an odd thing when you look at drug empire sales (illicit of course) in urbanized cities of Germany.  The Turks used to control most illegal drug activity.....then in the 1990s....the Africans came to corner part of the market.....and in the past decade....a number of North Africans came to dominate the drug empires of Germany.  An aggressive police routine.....aggressive prosecutors....and aggressive asylum officials could use this updated situation given to them from Berlin to carve out a major crime element affecting big cities throughout Germany.

The question would be.....will they use this opportunity or just stand from the distance and watch things unfold at a natural pace?

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