Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Local Robbery

My local news (from Wiesbaden) had a police blotter report this morning....covering a robbery-break-in from Friday night/Saturday morning.

Somewhere in the southwest end of Wiesbaden....some guy broke into a gardening shop and stole an entire pallet (two dozen boxes) of chainsaws/brush cutters.  These weren't the cheapo types....cops put the total value of the stolen items at 25,000 Euro.

The thing is....if you stand and think about it....how do you move or profit off stolen merchandise like this?  High end chain saws?  Maybe you can connect with some guy who has another gardening item shop but they will ask questions if you trying to sell them five or six as a private guy.  Black market for high end chain saws?  If you were looking for a dozen items which would be hard to 'fence'....high-end chainsaws would be on my list.  Ebay the items?  Maybe, but the minute you hint that they are practically new....some idiot will get suspicious and email the cops if this appears as possible stolen items.

I'm not saying this was a stupid break-in but you just have to wonder about the angle to this and how anyone would profit easily from stolen goods.

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