Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lost Then Found

This is a true story, which you just shake your head over and wonder about people.

So, there's this refugee guy in Frankfurt.  Syrian guy....has relatives in the area.  He's taken his son to visit some relatives one day by subway.  He gets ready to return to his temp residence later, and loses track of his via the subway system and their travels.  The kid is ten years old.  The guy calls the authorities and reports the kid missing.  That was four days ago.  Cops been searching for the kid.

Now, in my younger years (1978 and 1979).....I was introduced to Frankfurt and traveled widely throughout the whole town on an all-day ticket via the subway.  It was like introducing me to New York City.  After a whole summer of looking around the city.....I came to this conclusion.....at best, it was a ten kilometer by ten kilometer sized town (about 36 sq miles).  It was simply not that big.  If you used the subway from one end of town, you could reach end of the urban zone in about twenty-five minutes.  As much as someone says a kid is missing within the city limits of Frankfurt.....I'd say it's bogus.

When the cops put out the word yesterday that they had this lost kid....it didn't make any sense.  Gone for three days at that point, and no one sees the kid?  Either he's been kidnapped or he left the town entirely....something relatively easy (he could be in Darmstadt or Mainz).

This afternoon, they put out the word.....the kid isn't missing.  Dad put him on a train at the Frankfurt station for Brussels.....to stay with other relatives....then reported him missing.  Ten year old kid......roughly a 3.5 hour trip by ICE-train.....all by himself?  Yeah.

Dad isn't talking much over this now and the cops are just standing there and shaking their head.

It would appear that Dad wanted to send the kid to live with other relatives and not tell the wife.....or at least I read it that way.  There's probably some good story to this.....you just wonder.

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