Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bad Boys and German Pools

It is a short statistical piece from the Rheinische Post (a newspaper for the North Rhine-Westphalia region).....103 sex-related crimes have been reported in 2016 so far....from public pools in the region.

Now, a guy could look at the number, and come to realize that we are barely half-way through the summer, and broken the 100-number at this point.

The charges?  They range from vulgar comments/insults, up to exhibitionism, and onto sexual assault.  Naturally, the news folks note that a large segment (they won't give the precise number) are from immigrant guys.

The news folks also won't say the disposition of the 103 crimes in terms of the legal process, and if any convictions have occurred, or if anyone actually went spent time in jail, or if everyone convicted got probation.

All they will say is that the cops want to note the number (103) and let the public know about the trend.

Now, you can review this, along with the New Year's Eve episode in Koln.....and grasp that a lot of women are hyped up to report crimes now to the cops.  If you had some stupid event at the pool and just walked you told your story to a friend....they'd tell you to go and fill out a report.  So, you've got a lot of women who refuse to "forget-about-it".

Pool season in Germany will end in roughly seven weeks.  From this'd expect the 103 number trend to lessen as more and more guys get a cop's visit and an invitation to come down to the prosecutor's office and explain the situation.  The immature behavior crowd will lessen their visits to the pool to some degree.  Course, if the prosecution folks and the judges help to hand out probation as the typical end-result.....the guys will realize there's no big deal to verbal insults or exhibitionism.

All of this simply subtracts from the public positive nature that was on big display by the German state-run news media in the summer of 2015.  

Lessons learned for the 2017 pool season?  There's probably some 'come-to-Jesus' meeting slated for the region toward the end of 2016 where pool managers all sit at some table and talk of the woes of pool management, profitability, sanitation issues, and sex crimes of various natures.  They will look across the table.....sip some fine German coffee....and talk of spiraling public trust.  There's not a lot you can do....except hire up public safety guards (not life-guards to save lives, like you'd expect).....but people who stand around like bar bouncers.

It's a sad day when you come to visit some German pool operation, and there's fifty-year-old Helmet at the gate with some shirt on which says "SECURITY"....looking tough and stern....lecturing anyone who looks immigrant-like that they can be thrown out of the pool on a moment's notice if they misbehave.

What the pool folks might eventually learn is that you need to establish a card for guys who want to visit the pool, which requires an hour of mature-behavior training to enter the pool.  If you do stupid stuff and get a cop won't matter what the judge does (likely probation for the 'bad-boy')....the pool could then ban the guy for the rest of the pool season.

So sit back and enjoy the show.

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