Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Lagoon

 If you go off to Iceland, one of the top five things that you are supposed to experience is the Blue Lagoon.

Bear in mind, that I'm originally from Alabama.....have traveled vastly around the world.....never been a big fan of spas.....and generally can see when something is over-rated.

So, here is the humble truth of the Blue Lagoon.

 If you don't get around to making reservations for an entry in the entire month of July....until's too late.  The only openings to enter the lagoon are around 7PM.  These folks limit entry and there's only a couple hundred folks allowed in.

You can figure that 90-percent of the folks there....are tourists.  Why?  Well....entry cost is roughly 50-Euro ($60 dollars).  It's hefty....especially for an Icelandic guy.

The spa itself?  It's just a big pool area made from the Volcanic rocks, which has a fairly intense smell of sulfur.   This is NOT a pool for's a pool for soaking.  So you probably don't want soak in this water for more than an hour or two at the most.

When you drive up to the facility, there's a concrete walk-way that runs for about one-third of a mile from the parking lot to the entrance of the spa.  To the left of an open area with a large collection of water.....with lava rocks which are soaked white from the chemical element upon them.   You start to gaze at the rocks and ask this really good for you?  After walking around for 30 minutes in this 'free' don't feel as enthusiastic.

When you do go in, and walk around the cafe and see the pool's filled mostly with folks who have mixed drinks or beer, and just walking around (it's about five-feet deep at the deepest point).

I realize that everyone and their brother hypes up the lagoon experience and it is one of the ten most noted spas in the world.  But for some reason.....wanting to soak in some sulfur springs just isn't on my top one-thousand things to do list.

Maybe you might have other feelings, or just feel drawn by the charm and character.....well, fine.

Oh, and the cafe and restaurant?  If they didn't charge you enough for the fifty Euro entry fee.....they will charge more for sodas, coffee and food.

Finally, just an odd note.  As you walk around the 'free' pool might notice the electrical plant next door (about 1,000 feet away).  You can't miss it.  You'd think.....with all the VIPs and guests there.....they'd build some massive wall to hide the plant, but no....that's not the case.

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