Saturday, July 23, 2016


I started watching coverage of the shooting in Munich around 30 minutes after it started.  State-run TV....early on.....was dismal.  So I flipped to N-24, and occasionally hit N-TV news.

I have to admit, N-24 did a four-star shots....interviews....putting info out for people in Munich....etc.

Around 10:30, I flipped back to state-run ZDF (Channel Two) and they were trying to deliver the episode from a national prospective and act 'extremely calm'.  At one point, they cut to give you a 60-second President Obama comment over the event (I couldn't figure out the value other than he mentioned the word "German" or "Germany" or "Munich" at least three times).

Chancellor Merkel?  On vacation.  So ZDF flipped to her chief of staff and got a 10-minute commentary from him.  Peter Altmaier gave a powerful interview....calming effect....and was probably what some Germans needed for some hopeful inspiration.

The cops?  From what I can see.....they did a four-star act in Munich, and helped to ensure a safe public.

One of the odd things about this episode is that by 7PM, the cops had shut down every tram and bus in the city.  So, if you were a tourist out on the far side of town away from your were screwed in terms of getting home unless you took a taxi.

As for public concern?  It simply motivates people to question the immigration and refugee policy more.  AfD quietly picks up another couple of thousand supporters because there's literally nothing the government can do....except to react and send the cops in to clean up the mess.

If you go and add up all of the acts in Belgium, France and's typically a young male....between 17 and 25 years old....who has flipped to the far side of Islam.  There aren't any fifty-year-old Muslims committing these acts.

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