Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rock Solid Performance

After all the shooting business in Munich, I'd like  to sit and pause over the one effective speaker for the Munich police.....Marcus da Gloria Martins.

At around 7PM, the Munich cops staged an emergency location, and Martins became the mouthpiece for the cops, the city and authority.  He came and delivered a five-star performance.  When the press got testy or overreached.....he put them back into their place.

About every thirty minutes, he'd come right back up and update the news people.  He warned Munich residents to stay home and they took his advice.  He was clear in his words, and gave people a boost of hope.

I have to say....if they were looking for some new Chancellor-candidate....this is the guy that I'd hire.  Some political party needs to hire this guy and boost him to the national level.

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